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Fly4care present these parts of surgeries we offer many packages for you including your treatment part like your consulting with your doctor your surgery your recovery period and so on with best hotels hospitals and many good vibes in any country u like to stay and get treatment.


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Get help for accommodation follow up and more from Fly4care.com We prepare you medical visa for your treatment within 7 days in a week also u can contact with our support 24/7 you can Learn more about the doctors and your treatment options in Iran and abroad easy as chicken pie 

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The staff is attentive, and prices are affordable, considering the quality of the job yes we are Fly4care.com as always the leading company of innovative ideas about medical tourism in Iran

Rhynoplasty in Iran ( Nose job )

Weight loss surgery

Hair transplant

Rhinoplasty in Iran

Average rhinoplasty cost in Iran ranges from $1,200 to $2,500 based on the surgeon’s reputation and level of expertise,  the complexity of the procedure, and similar issues. It’s important to note that highly up-do-date facilities and efficient services are offered in Iran’s specialized clinics.


Iran is known as the ‘nose job capital of the world’ Healing From 1 – 6 months

Total Stay

7 Days & Back to Work : 12 or 14 Days

Weight loss surgery in Iran

To be eligible for bariatric surgery, you must be between 16 and 70 years of age (with some exceptions) and morbidly obese weighing at least 100 pounds

Fast result

During the first month, patients can expect an average weight loss of up to 30 pounds.

Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty

Safe surgery just in Iran via Fly4care agency

Hair transplant via Fly4care agency

If you want to have a hair transplant in the United States or Europe, you should spend between $4,000 to $16,000.

How much ?

The cost of hair transplant in Iran is between $700 to $1,200. It's much lower and more


With advanced hair transplant techniques, short recovery periods, and best possible results, Iran stands out as a reliable hair transplant destination.

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    fly4care started its works 12 years ago. fly4care packages consist of different surgeries ,consultations, follow up plans and so on it contracts with professional doctors and VIP hospitals . it relocation your staying wit best and VIP hotels different kind of surgeries doing by fly4care like Nose job , Weight loss surgery , Cheek Augmentation, Cosmetic Dentistry  , Hair transplant , Lip augmentation, PRP treatment , Double Chin Reduction, Eyelead surgery , Liposuction , Ear correction, Breast lift , Facelift , Neck lift , Breast Reduction, Arm lift , Male breast reduction , Dimple Creation , scar revision , abdominoplasty , chin reshapingforehead contouring , mommy makeover …. medical tourism history is very old in Iran . Iran because of reasonable  prices is very popular. we proudly say that highly skillful Iranian surgeons perform lots of cosmetic surgeries . each year many tourists come to Iran and do a lot of surgeries. fly4care promise you to have a good trip and qualified services .

    We use unique, custom-built tools to give us the edge of consultation

    FLy4care medical tourism agency built in 3 unique words : Affordable , Quality services & Reasonable price of packages

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    24/7 support is a kind of support that is available throughout the day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. This simply means that the technical service is available around the clock. we provide 24/7 support via Call , SMS , whatsApp & mail

    What is fly4care packages consist of ?

    Medical plans , recovery plans , insurance and guarantee , VIP hospital services …

    which cities are the services provided ?

    Every cities in Iran by the capital of Tehran , Isfahan , Mashahd , Shiraz , kish …

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    online support , medical consultation , trip planning , airport pickup , 24 hour assistant , accomendation , recover , sightseeng & …