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Many factors, including age increasing, notable weight loss can cause droopy and saggy skin in arms. That is why many men and women prefer to have an arm lift to ameliorate the appearance of their arms. 

Arm lift, also known as brachioplasty, is a highly common and popular cosmetic procedure thatintend for tighten and reshape arms. 
We proudly say that highly mighty Iranian plastic surgeons done lots of cosmetic surgeries each year, including arm lift surgery. The appropriate price of cosmetic surgeries along with the high quality and modern hospitals attracts lot of people who seek surgeries abroad to Iran. That is why arm lift surgery in Iran is between popular cosmetic surgeries in Iran. 

before the surgery you should do something :

Like any other surgical procedure you should do some instructions to avert difficulty during the surgery. They include:
•    Discuss your supposition with your cosmetic surgeon
•    Avoid using aspirin, and inflammatory drugs to prevent excess bleeding
•    Stop smoking


For performing an arm lift, your cosmetic surgeon makes small-scale scotch between your elbow and armpit. Then your surgeon removes the excess skin and tissue, and lifts the remaining skin. To ensure the result and achieve the advisable result, the procedure may preferably be combined with liposuction. 
Arm lift is usually done under both local anesthesia with sedation and general anesthesia, and takes up to 120 minutes. 

totally, arm lift alleviate process is relatively short, and you can restart your routine after a couple of weeks. 
It is normal to experience swelling for several weeks. 
Patients should wear a compression sleeve-typed clothes to keep swelling down. 
It is also required to avoid:
•    lifting your arms above shoulder level, 
•    physical activities that might stretch the incisions in your arms
•    take medication as prescribed to prevent pain and infection

However, contact your doctor if you have:  shortness of breath, chest pain, an irregular heartbeat, and redness of the skin and a fever. 

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