Unit 25 / 3rd floor/ In front of Mellat park / Valisar st/ Tehran

Unit 25 / 3rd floor/ In front of Mellat park / Valisar st/ Tehran

Breast Augmentation

If you are a woman living with a weary desire for having full feminine looking breasts, don’t worry! it’s not something you can’t have. More than 300,000 women get their breasts augmented over the past few years. As the cost of this surgery is high in many countries, it would be worth it to take a look at other options and travel to a country like turkey where you can get effective breast implants at a bargain price.
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        Breast Augmentation

Clinic and doctor visits, laboratory tests, Breast augmentation surgery in hospital/clinic, post-operative care, medicines, recovery, and follow-up


Treatment Visa (T-Visa)

Visa authorization code. (Note that there is a seperate visa fee that the patient must pay when receiving the visa, which it is not part of this package.)


Pick-up & Transfer

        Airport pick-up, private transfer from hotel to hospital/clinic and vice versa



Three-star to five-star hotel offered which is preferably near the clinic or hospital


Other Services

24-hour on-call assistance, interpreter, SIM card and internet

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