Forehead Contouring

Forehead is depending on the shape and size can appear masculine or feminine. Masculine foreheads generally have a bony ridge right above the eyes and beneath the brows, known as “brow bossing”, while feminine foreheads are flatter. 

The target of the forehead contouring is to make a more feminine appearance for prominent foreheads with a bony ridge above the brows. Forehead contouring surgery is carried out in order to reduce prominent foreheads. It reshapes the brow bossing, forehead slope, forehead bones, and the bones around the eyes to create a more natural feminine appearance.  
this procedure is done under local anesthesia and takes up to 3 hours. kinds of forehead contouring methods include fat injectionbone cemente-PTFE (Gore-Tex), and silicone sheet
The surgery is commonly performed on men as a part of feminization, but it also can be carried out on women who have this feeling that their foreheads appear too masculine . 
contouring for high forehead is the most common form of forehead contouring surgery. 

Forehead contouring surgery can be done to fulfill the following areas:
•    Improving the curve of the forehead profile by implantation
•    Reducing the forehead approximately 3-5 mm by bone shaving
•    Bone depression for those having prominent forehead bone and deep set eyes
Forehead contouring in Iran is performed in modern clinics with mighty and professional of experienced Iranian plastic surgeons. The method of performing the surgery varies based on the patient’s anatomy. It usually takes up to 3 hours, and is done under local anesthesia. It can be carried out through the following methods:

1.    Fat injection. Your surgeon can draw fat from patient’s body. It can be done through local anesthesia. In this method, there are no scars, but the method is not permanent. 
2.    Bone cement. Most surgeons prefer to use bone cement, which is the patient’s living bone, as it is durable, strong, and easy to be adjusted. 
3.    e-PTFE (Gore-Tex). It is a synthetic substance that can be placed inside the body through delicate incisions.
4.    Silicone sheet. The material used in this method is difficult to adjust and not flexible. That’s why it is not very popular. 

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