Genioplasty in Iran

Chin reshaping surgery is among the most common and popular cosmetic surgeries. It is common between people who have obtrude chins or want to augment their chins to find a symmetrical beautiful and good looking face. The surgery is done for four main results like moving the chin forward or backward, side-to-side and upright changes. Genioplasty is performed in two methods, and it is not detrimental as it appears. Chin reshaping aims to enhance facial beauty by repositioning or reshaping the chin, and can be performed by both plastic surgeons and maxillofacial surgeons with general anesthesia. 

It is noteworthy that for this surgery, the candidate should be at least 20 years old, when the chin is fully developed.

Genioplasty, including chin augmentation and reduction, can be carried out through various procedures as follows:
•    Genioplasty Advancement (moving the chin forward)
•    Pushback (moving the chin backward)
•    Side-to-side (which can help with asymmetrical chins
•    vertical changes, such as making the chin longer or shorter

The process will be various depending on the kind of the surgery, that is whether it is chin reduction or chin augmentation, but totally, the bone within the chin will be broken in a controlled way, so that it can slide forwards or backwards to be repositioned and fixed into the desired place. 

It has permanent results, and unlike what might be expected, it is not painful. 

Need a Genioplasty?
Chin reshaping in Iran is performed by highly experienced and professional surgeons. Iranian Genioplasty doctors perform chin reshaping surgeries in Iranian modern clinics and hospitals in cities like Tehran. It is also noted that genioplasty cost in Iran is highly reasonable. All in all Iran is a preferable destination for people seeking surgeries abroad. 

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