Lip Augmentation

beautiful and well-formed lips have always been considered as the most attractive facial features between men and women. That is why many men and women choose lip augmentation to have more attractive lips to look more beautiful.

Lip augmentation , known as one of the safest and fastest non-surgical cosmetic procedures i8n Iran, is done with different methods that suitable for different people depending on their specific condition and their own lips shape. These procedures include: 
•    Lip implants
•    Fillers
•    Fat transfer

Lip augmentation cause of reduce wrinkles around the mouth, increase fullness of thin lips, create more defined smile, and also can be done nearly any age.

Lip implants
in this way provides permanent lip augmentation, and includes three main types including GORE-TEX, Soft Form, and AlloDerm. thisw method is quite simple and takes less than an hour.

Lip augmentation with fillers
Injectable lip fillers are one of the most common and long-lasting cosmetic procedures.
different materials and techniques are used to done this method using fillers and fulfill your individual needs.

Lip augmentation with fat transfer 
This method is highly recommended and suitable for those who do not want to inject any extenal material into their body. In this way fat is derived from the patient’s own body (like abdomen or thighs), and injected to the lips, creating a natural-looking and soft result. It is normal that some fat cells die during the transfer. To prevent this, your cosmetic surgeon injects fat in different steps with intervals. It is noteworthy that since fat cells used for this procedure are part of the patient’s own body, it causes no allergy. 

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