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Neck Lift

In many cases, the first place on the body that shows signs of aging is the neck. There are other factors including genetics, stress, and gravity that can contribute to the loss of the youthful contours of the neck. Many men and women choose to have a Neck Lift , known as Lower Rhytidectomy, to look younger and get rid of unattractive sagging skin in their neck. Neck Lift can improve droopy skin around the neck, or excess fatty deposits under the chin. To achieve a more desirable result many people may prefer to combine the procedure with other cosmetic procedures like Face Lift or Double Chin Reduction.

It is noted that Neck Lift surgery in Iran is an ideal option for the people who are considering to have neck lift surgery abroad. Among the reasons are reasonable cost of neck lift in Iran, skillful surgeons, modern clinics, and everything you need for a desirable surgery abroad. It should also be noted that we offer all-inclusive package including visa, transfer, hotel and whatever is needed to have a comfortable trip to Iran. 

What can I do before the Neck Lift surgery?

•    At least 3 weeks before the surgery and 3 weeks after the surgery stop smoking, not to slow the healing process.
•    Stop taking aspirin or Vitamin E before the surgery, not to increase bleeding and complication during the surgery. 
•    Do not work out the day before the surgery, to prevent dehydration. 
•    Minimize salt consumption before the surgery to reduce swelling after the surgery. 

Male Breast depletion

Male Breast depletion Surgery
Gynecomastia, is the disparity of the hormones estrogen and progesterone that this is cause of swelling in breast tissue in some men and boys. 
The cause might be due to genetics, certain medications, or other unstated reasons. It can affect one or both breasts, and make men or boys feel embarrassed. 
medication and surgery can help this problem. In this model of medical course fails, plastic surgery, to be more specific and common surgery for breast reduction, is the best choose.

Male breast depletion procedure
In this procedure, our highly qualified surgeons restore a naturally masculine appearance to your chest.   
The procedure for treating gynecomastia is specially performed under local anesthesia with sedation or under general anesthesia. 
different Types of male breast depletion:
Depending on your condition and needs, your plastic surgeon chooses the best technique that would lead to your supposition. Types of male breast reduction include: 
In this method your surgeon makes incisions along a portion of the edge of the areola or within the armpit. Through the incisions, then, your surgeon removes excess fat and glandular tissue and makes the breasts smaller, flatter, firmer and more masculine. If necessary your surgeon will also reposition the nipples.
Depending on your preferences, liposuction can be done under local or general anesthesia. In this method, your surgeon extracts fat through suction. 
Combination of liposuction and excision technique
In cases that it is necessary for the patient to both remove fat and excess tissue, a combination of liposuction and excision technique is recommended.

 After the surgery
With today’s advanced techniques, the recovery will be quick and easy , and the scars will be invisible.
It is noted that male breast reduction is the only effective treatment for gynecomastia that has permanent results. It is needless to say that after the surgery patients report an enhanced sense of self-confidence. 
However, it is normal to experience soreness and some swelling. 
Typically, patients can return to their normal daily routine within a week after the surgery. 
It is recommended to avoid heavy exercise for a couple of weeks after the surgery. 
It is of high importance to note that significant weight gain, steroid use, certain medical conditions, or unhealthy lifestyle could result in a recurrence of gynecomastia.

fly4care in Kashan

Fin Garden  located in Kashan, Iran, is a historical Persian garden. It contains Kashan’s Fin Bath, where Amir Kabir, the Qajarid chancellor, was murdered by an assassin sent by King Nasereddin Shah in 1852. Completed in 1590, the Fin Garden is the oldest extant garden in Iran.

The origins of the garden may be anterior to the Safavid period; some sources indicate that the garden has been relocated from another place, but no clear picture of it has been found.

The settlements of the garden in its present form was built under the reign of Abbas I of Persia (1571-1629), as a traditional bagh near the village of Fin, located a few kilometres southwest of Kashan.

The garden was developed further during the Safavid dynasty, until Abbas II of Persia (1633-1666). It was highly recognized during the reign of Fat′h Ali Shah Qajar and was considerably expanded.

The garden subsequently suffered from neglect and was damaged several times until, in 1935, it was listed as a national property of Iran.On 2007, 8 September, Bagh-e Fin was submitted to the UNESCO’s Tentative List.

Unesco declared the garden a World Heritage Site on July 18, 2012.

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Dimple Creation

Dimple Creation surgery in Iran (Dimpleplasty)

Dimples, the most charming and common connatural imperfection, are cause a tight connection between facial muscles and skin.  
Among the three types of dimples, that is cheek, chin, and back dimples, cheek dimples, or face dimples, are the most common. Request for dimple creation, also known as dimpleplasty, has tripled among young adults of the early 21st century over the past few years. 

Dimple Surgery 

Dimploplasty is between the easiest and the most suitable cosmetic surgeries. Dimple surgery is totally doneunder local anesthesia, and takes less than 30 minutes. 
To carry out the surgery, your cosmetic surgeon makes incisions inside the patient’s mouth, and then creates dimple in the cheek muscle. 

Dimple surgery healing time

Dimple surgery healing time is completely short. It is normal to experience mild swelling and pain. The swelling will let up within 2 weeks. 
Stitches will dissolve soon to create a more natural look. 
Dimple surgery aftercare is completely simple. To keep the mouth germ free it is required to use antiseptic mouthwash twice a day after the surgery. 
Your surgeon may also prescribe painkillers and antibiotics.  If you are looking for a reasonable face lift simple surgery cost, try dimple surgery in Iran.

Arm Lift Surgey


Many factors, including age increasing, notable weight loss can cause droopy and saggy skin in arms. That is why many men and women prefer to have an arm lift to ameliorate the appearance of their arms. 

Arm lift, also known as brachioplasty, is a highly common and popular cosmetic procedure thatintend for tighten and reshape arms. 
We proudly say that highly mighty Iranian plastic surgeons done lots of cosmetic surgeries each year, including arm lift surgery. The appropriate price of cosmetic surgeries along with the high quality and modern hospitals attracts lot of people who seek surgeries abroad to Iran. That is why arm lift surgery in Iran is between popular cosmetic surgeries in Iran. 

before the surgery you should do something :

Like any other surgical procedure you should do some instructions to avert difficulty during the surgery. They include:
•    Discuss your supposition with your cosmetic surgeon
•    Avoid using aspirin, and inflammatory drugs to prevent excess bleeding
•    Stop smoking


For performing an arm lift, your cosmetic surgeon makes small-scale scotch between your elbow and armpit. Then your surgeon removes the excess skin and tissue, and lifts the remaining skin. To ensure the result and achieve the advisable result, the procedure may preferably be combined with liposuction. 
Arm lift is usually done under both local anesthesia with sedation and general anesthesia, and takes up to 120 minutes. 

totally, arm lift alleviate process is relatively short, and you can restart your routine after a couple of weeks. 
It is normal to experience swelling for several weeks. 
Patients should wear a compression sleeve-typed clothes to keep swelling down. 
It is also required to avoid:
•    lifting your arms above shoulder level, 
•    physical activities that might stretch the incisions in your arms
•    take medication as prescribed to prevent pain and infection

However, contact your doctor if you have:  shortness of breath, chest pain, an irregular heartbeat, and redness of the skin and a fever. 


Tummy tuck

lots of results like age increasing , pregnancy, heredity, prior surgery(s), and significant weight fluctuations, cause loose skin and obtruding abdomen even to individuals with healthy normal weight.

abdominoplasty, is a very popular plastic surgery that aims to fatten the stomach and remove excess fat and skin in the abdominal area especially under umbilicus (belly button). Abdominoplasty:  
•    Helps to restore weakened abdominal muscles
•    Helps to tighten muscles
•    Creates firm and smooth stomach

DO NOT consider tummy tuck if:
•    You have plan to get pregnant again. In this matter ,put off tummy tuck until you’re done having babies. And, if

•    You are planning to lose a lot of weight. 

It is noted that tummy tuck in Tehran is done by board-certified and professional plastic surgeons in modern clinics and hospitals. fortunately , the cost of tummy tuck in Iran, like almost all plastic surgeries, is very appropriate. That is why lots of people who look for surgeries abroad select Iran as their destination. 

Tummy tuck procedure

Complete abdominoplasty, or full tummy tuck is recommended for pepole with a stable weight. It can be done under general anesthesia or intravenous sedation. 

Your plastic surgeon makes incisions under your navel to remove the excess skin and fat. Length of the incisions depends on the amount of excess skin that needs to be removed. However, two incisions will be made, one around the navel, and the other from hip bone on one side to the other side of the body. Then he will pull down the upper abdominal skin, and suture the remaining skin together to create an abdominal contour more proportionate to your body type. Then the navel will be replaced to a more natural looking position. The whole abdominoplasty procedure may take up to 5 hours. 
On the other hand, partial abdominoplasty or mini tummy, involves a single incision, through which your surgeon can remove excess skin and fat. It is possible that during this procedure your surgeon will not move your belly button. It is also noted that the surgery may only take up to 2 hours. 


lots of people want to undertake thigh lift surgery, also known as thigh plasty, for having firm and youthful-looking thighs that are appropriate to their other body shapes.

We proudly say that mighty skillful Iranian plastic surgeons done lots of cosmetic surgeries each year, including thigh lift surgery. The reasonable price of cosmetic surgeries, along with the high quality and modern hospitals and clinics, attracts the people who seek surgeries abroad to Iran. That is why thigplasty surgery in Iran is among popular and common cosmetic surgeries.

Thigh lift procedure

Your plastic surgeon reduces extra fat and skin by making incisions in crutch area. 
Does a thigh lift leave scars: Thigh lift incision are made where the scars could be hidden.  
Your plastic surgeon makes the incisions where the scars can be hidden. To obtain a better result thighplasty could be combined with other process, like thighplasty with liposuction.
Thighplasty procedure takes up to 3 hours, and is done both under general and local with intravenous sedation anesthesia. 
To haveflatter thighs and achieve a more desirable success, thighplasty may be combined with liposuction. 
Types of thighplasty are totally classified to: inner, medial, and bilateral.
Inner and medial thighplasty procedures can be done on an outpatient basis. However, for bilateral thigh lift it may be necessary to stay in the hospital overnight.

What can I do before thighplasty?

continue a steady weight. But thigh lift after weight loss is a good choice for tightening up sagging skin and loose skin. 
To make thigh lift healing faster, stop smoking before the surgery.
Do not drink heavily.
Talk with your surgeon about your expectations.  


Genioplasty in Iran

Chin reshaping surgery is among the most common and popular cosmetic surgeries. It is common between people who have obtrude chins or want to augment their chins to find a symmetrical beautiful and good looking face. The surgery is done for four main results like moving the chin forward or backward, side-to-side and upright changes. Genioplasty is performed in two methods, and it is not detrimental as it appears. Chin reshaping aims to enhance facial beauty by repositioning or reshaping the chin, and can be performed by both plastic surgeons and maxillofacial surgeons with general anesthesia. 

It is noteworthy that for this surgery, the candidate should be at least 20 years old, when the chin is fully developed.

Genioplasty, including chin augmentation and reduction, can be carried out through various procedures as follows:
•    Genioplasty Advancement (moving the chin forward)
•    Pushback (moving the chin backward)
•    Side-to-side (which can help with asymmetrical chins
•    vertical changes, such as making the chin longer or shorter

The process will be various depending on the kind of the surgery, that is whether it is chin reduction or chin augmentation, but totally, the bone within the chin will be broken in a controlled way, so that it can slide forwards or backwards to be repositioned and fixed into the desired place. 

It has permanent results, and unlike what might be expected, it is not painful. 

Need a Genioplasty?
Chin reshaping in Iran is performed by highly experienced and professional surgeons. Iranian Genioplasty doctors perform chin reshaping surgeries in Iranian modern clinics and hospitals in cities like Tehran. It is also noted that genioplasty cost in Iran is highly reasonable. All in all Iran is a preferable destination for people seeking surgeries abroad. 

Forehead Contouring

Forehead is depending on the shape and size can appear masculine or feminine. Masculine foreheads generally have a bony ridge right above the eyes and beneath the brows, known as “brow bossing”, while feminine foreheads are flatter. 

The target of the forehead contouring is to make a more feminine appearance for prominent foreheads with a bony ridge above the brows. Forehead contouring surgery is carried out in order to reduce prominent foreheads. It reshapes the brow bossing, forehead slope, forehead bones, and the bones around the eyes to create a more natural feminine appearance.  
this procedure is done under local anesthesia and takes up to 3 hours. kinds of forehead contouring methods include fat injectionbone cemente-PTFE (Gore-Tex), and silicone sheet
The surgery is commonly performed on men as a part of feminization, but it also can be carried out on women who have this feeling that their foreheads appear too masculine . 
contouring for high forehead is the most common form of forehead contouring surgery. 

Forehead contouring surgery can be done to fulfill the following areas:
•    Improving the curve of the forehead profile by implantation
•    Reducing the forehead approximately 3-5 mm by bone shaving
•    Bone depression for those having prominent forehead bone and deep set eyes
Forehead contouring in Iran is performed in modern clinics with mighty and professional of experienced Iranian plastic surgeons. The method of performing the surgery varies based on the patient’s anatomy. It usually takes up to 3 hours, and is done under local anesthesia. It can be carried out through the following methods:

1.    Fat injection. Your surgeon can draw fat from patient’s body. It can be done through local anesthesia. In this method, there are no scars, but the method is not permanent. 
2.    Bone cement. Most surgeons prefer to use bone cement, which is the patient’s living bone, as it is durable, strong, and easy to be adjusted. 
3.    e-PTFE (Gore-Tex). It is a synthetic substance that can be placed inside the body through delicate incisions.
4.    Silicone sheet. The material used in this method is difficult to adjust and not flexible. That’s why it is not very popular.