lots of people want to undertake thigh lift surgery, also known as thigh plasty, for having firm and youthful-looking thighs that are appropriate to their other body shapes.

We proudly say that mighty skillful Iranian plastic surgeons done lots of cosmetic surgeries each year, including thigh lift surgery. The reasonable price of cosmetic surgeries, along with the high quality and modern hospitals and clinics, attracts the people who seek surgeries abroad to Iran. That is why thigplasty surgery in Iran is among popular and common cosmetic surgeries.

Thigh lift procedure

Your plastic surgeon reduces extra fat and skin by making incisions in crutch area. 
Does a thigh lift leave scars: Thigh lift incision are made where the scars could be hidden.  
Your plastic surgeon makes the incisions where the scars can be hidden. To obtain a better result thighplasty could be combined with other process, like thighplasty with liposuction.
Thighplasty procedure takes up to 3 hours, and is done both under general and local with intravenous sedation anesthesia. 
To haveflatter thighs and achieve a more desirable success, thighplasty may be combined with liposuction. 
Types of thighplasty are totally classified to: inner, medial, and bilateral.
Inner and medial thighplasty procedures can be done on an outpatient basis. However, for bilateral thigh lift it may be necessary to stay in the hospital overnight.

What can I do before thighplasty?

continue a steady weight. But thigh lift after weight loss is a good choice for tightening up sagging skin and loose skin. 
To make thigh lift healing faster, stop smoking before the surgery.
Do not drink heavily.
Talk with your surgeon about your expectations.  

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